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Category: Nature and Places Footage
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2020-01-18_1755020 Nature and Places Footage

News TV Studio Set 22-Virtual Green Screen Background Loop

Product by VideoBlocks
Product Code: 42031
Resolution: 1920x1080
Time: 00:10
Frame rate: 29.97 fps
No need for plugins
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Date 2020-01-31
File Size 20.59 MB
Comments: 0
shredded-paper-for-recycling-212382-1 Nature and Places Footage

Stoke Footage: Pouring paper into a trash can Shredded Paper For Recycling Product of MotionArray Video codec type: H.264 Resolution: 3840X2160 4K Frame rate: 59.94 frames per second

Author MotionArray
Demo Demo external
Date 2021-04-03
File Size 63.97 MB
Comments: 0
rain-drops-close-raining-background-rainy-day-wet-38681915-1 Nature and Places Footage

Stock Footage Rainfall Rain Drops Close Up. Raining Background. Rainy Day Product of Pond5 company Resolution: 1920X1080 No need for plugins Can be used in topics such as: mixing and assembling software, a variety of topics in the style of relaxation, teaser and ...

Author pond5
Demo Demo external
Date 2021-04-04
File Size 137.97 MB
Comments: 0

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